Way of increasing your JioFi Internet Speed

There are a lot of different factors, which affect your internet connection speed, signal strength. Some of JioFi users face with aforementioned problems. There isn’t problems without reasons, so if you have problems with Internet connection, you firstly should check main reasons of bad Internet connection. Moreover, you can try some methods, which provide you to speed up your connection. In this article you will find necessary actions, what should be done if you have Internet connection problems.

Main factors of bad Internet connection

In list below, you can find the most popular reasons of troubles with Internet connection. Check whether you have them.

  1. Maybe, you have exhausted your daily data package. If IPS gave you specified data usage limit and you exhausted it, your Internet connection would be limited to 128 kbps.
  2. Check your router’s lights. Here will be light which responds for network. If it’s green colored, Internet connection is good. Blue or 2-4 signal bars means your Internet connection is medium quality. Red light or less than two signal bars is very bad Internet connection, which signals about low coverage zone.
  3. Try to use other applications or visit other websites. Maybe, you have problems only with current application/web page.
  4. Be sure your device, from which you surf the Internet, is in JioFi router’s signal coverage zone (10 meters).
  5. If there are more than 10 devices connected at the same time, you may have problems with Internet connection. Moreover, router should be in place where it can share signal without interference.

Way of Speeding Up Internet Speed

Here you can see the most popular methods of speeding up Internet connection below:

First Method: Put your JioFi router in different place. Better if there won’t be a lot of walls or some electronics, which can make interference for your router’s wireless signal.

Second Method: Be sure, that DNS was changed on Open DNS or else. Try to choose Google DNS.

Third Method: Maybe, there are a lot of unwanted users connected to your wireless network. If there are more than 10 users connected to network, Internet connection speed will be decreased. To prevent this situation, you should set password for your wireless network. It can be done through router’s web-interface.

If there aren’t reasons for Internet connection speed decreasing and your tried all methods above, but your Internet connection is bad, you should send message in Jio customer care and describe your problem.