Resetting your JioFi router to factory defaults

Every wireless home router owners know that there are some problems, which can be solved only with help of resetting (forgotten password as example). “Reset router” means erase all configurations, which are set up by user, and return default settings, so you should be sure that reset is necessary in situation, when you want to do it. If you don’t know how to do reset on JioFi routers, just read this article and repeat all steps below.

First Step: Switch on your device.

Second Step: Remove backside cover.

Third Step: Now, you should find “Reset” inscription on this side.

Some devices can have Reset button not on backside, so better if you search in the Internet for its location of your device.

Fourth Step: Press and hold button for about half a minute. To do it, you should find something sharp like pen, because button is located in special hole, which protect it from unintended pressing.

Fifth Step: Lights on your device will start to blinking. That means your router is rebooted.

Sixth Step: Finally, you should set up your router again. Connect device, from which you want it to do, to router via cable and open your favorite web-browser. Then enter jiofi.local.html in URL bar. Here will be login window, where you need type “administrator” in both fields. Set up new configurations on this page.

If all steps above were done well, you shouldn’t have some problems, but if you have them, just share your own problem in comment, located below.