Online purchasing of JioFi devices

JioFi routers are great for their prices and they have love of users around the world, but it’s hard to find JioFi routers in electronics stores. Don’t worry if you can’t find it in nearly electronics stores! All of them can be purchased in online stores. For example, you can find JioFi device on Amazon. Moreover, price will be slower than if you would buy device in electronics store, because there are always some discount offers in online shops. Nowadays, there are available three models of JioFi routers, so you let’s find out what of them is appropriated for you.

Purchasing JioFi device from Amazon

  1. Second model of router here can be purchased for 2,050 RS. This price doesn’t include discount. More than a hundred buyers rated this device at 3.9 stars.
  2. JioFi M2 price is 1999 RS. In electronic stores you can find this device for about 2500 Rs, so it’s cheaper to purchase it on Amazon. About 3 hundred users put 3.5 stars to it.
  3. Third model of routers can be bought for 1950 Rs. You can find it with discount and price will be lower than this, but it’s already lower than retailers price. More than 4 hundreds users rated device at 3.8 stars. It’s very good rate for routers.

Purchasing JioFi device from FlipKart

  1. M2 here be purchased for 1999 Rs. This price includes 20% discount. A Thousand users put 4 stars for it.
  2. Third wireless model can be bought for the same price, but there are many customers purchased and rated this wireless router.
  3. JioFi 2 price is higher than previous models, because discount is only 12%, so you can buy it for 2199 Rs.

Purchasing JioFi on SnapDeal

On SnapDeal you can find only two models of routers. Let’s find their prices and people’s opinion about them.

  1. JioFi 2 has 2360 Rs price with 6% discount. Only 50 customers put 4 star rate for it.
  2. Third model of routers has 2173 Rs price. That’s because of 20% discount, but price without discount is 2700 Rs. More than half hundred buyers rate it at 4 stars.

So now you know all prices of JioFi device on the most popular online stores, so you can choose the best variant for you. All of the routers has good reviews from buyers. If you want know more about JioFi routers, just check other articles on this website.