JioFi routers firmware upgrade

If you have old firmware version and you don’t know how to upgrade it, just read this article. Here we would learn you how to upgrade your router firmware to the latest version.

New firmware version provides you to use new functions, Moreover, some bugs will be fixed, so you won’t have Internet connection problems if they were because of firmware bugs. The newest version of firmware is always better than old version, so it’s very necessary to know how to update firmware without help of professional IT workers.

If you want update your firmware, you should have all these things below:

  • Previous router firmware version.
  • JioFi device is full powered.
  • Default factory credentials.

Firmware Upgrading process

Here is easy for beginners to understand instruction below:

First Step: Switch on your JioFi device and connect your personal computer to wireless network.

Second Step: Open your favorite web browser and type jiofi.local.html in URL bar. Click on Login button and enter “administrator” in both fields.

Third Step: When you get access to router’s web-interface, you should find “Settings” tab and click on “Firmware Upgrade”.

Fourth Step: Find out what firmware version you have at this moment. It can be found in “Device Software Version”.

Fifth Step: Click “Browse” and choose location from which you can download new version of firmware upgrade.

Sixth Step: When upgrade version is chosen, you should click “Apply” button to start firmware setup.

Seventh Step: This process take some time, so be patient. After setup in ended, router will be rebooted.

Eighth Step: Now, you should reset your JioFi home wireless router to factory defaults.

Ninth Step: Finally, you can connect your device to JioFi wireless network using default credentials.

After Reset, all your settings will be returned to factory default, so you should configure your JioFI device and network again. To do it, you should get access to router’s configuration page and set up preferred configurations.

If all steps above were done right, your router should have the latest version of firmware. Every problem can be described to JioFi customer care service.