All necessary information about JioDongle.Local.Html

Before start to talk about jiodongle.local.html , let’s talk about relevant theme. There are three models of JioFi routers. They came to market after Reliance Jio provided 4G data with their SIM. Moreover, company started to make access point devices, which are charged by USB cables, — Jio Dongle 2. You can get access to configuration of your Jio Dongle 2 device, using jiodongle.local.html. On this page you can change main options like username, passkey and network name.

In what purposes you can use JioDongle.Local.Html?

You can get on configuration page after entering jiodongle.local.html in your browser’s URL bar. Here you can find a lot of settings, which can be configured, but in this article you can read only about changing main settings. It’s also called “Setting Up router”.

Way of changing password

First Step: Turn on you access point device and connect it to access point via cable.

Second Step: All necessary information to log in should be on backside of JioDongle device.

Third Step: Start your favorite browser on device (laptop, PC, etc.), on which you connected to Jio Dongle in previous step. Paste jiodongle.local.html in your browser URL bar.

Fourth Step: On right top side of screen you should see login button. Click on it.

Fifth Step: Here will be request to type your identification information in specified fields. Default login and password is “administrator”, so type it in both fields and press enter.

Sixth Step: You will get on new page, where you should find “Network” tab on left part of screen. Nearly, should be “WiFi Settings”. Click on it.

Seventh Step: In part of network settings related to Security, you will see col related to password. Here you can see default passkey. You can delete it and set up new password. Do it if you want, but don’t forget to note in on paper or remember. Don’t forget to click “Apply”. This button provides to save changes you did.

Eighth Step: After all these steps here should appear windows, which noticed you about restarting. Click “OK” to continue. Restarting doesn’t take a lot of time.

Now, you have new passkey, so you will lose connection to your network. Connect to it again using new password.

Way of changing network name

To change network name, you should follow step-by-step instruction below:

First Step: Let’s return to Sixth step of instruction above. Here you should find “SSID” option. This option is responsible for name of your network in network list. You can delete old name and set up new.

Second Step: When you entered new name, click “Apply” button to save changes.

Third Step: Here will appear notice window that notice you about restart.

After these steps, your network name is changed. After that, you can see this network with new name in network list. Log in to have Internet connection.

Way of changing jiodongle.local.html login and passkey

To change login and passkey, you should follow step-by-step instruction below:

First Step: Get in “Account” through “User Management” tab.

Second Step: There will be 4 columns. Necessary for us column is Superuser ID, where you can set new.

Third Step: Default password is “administrator”. Here will be two columns related to password. You need enter new password. After that, click on “Apply” to save changes.

Fourth Step: Click “OK” when you will see dialogue box.

So, now you jiodongle.local.html login and passkey is set up.

All information about jiodongle.local.html is so necessary for you and other Jio Dongle owners. If you have some problems with methods, about what we told above, above, you can share them in comments, which locates below.