Way of changing network name and password of jiofi.local.html

You can get access to high speed 4G Internet from your device(smartphone, laptop, PC) using JioFi access point, but if there a lot of users use your network, you will have bad connection. Moreover, unwanted users can be dangerous for your data security. The best solution of this problem is changing your network credentials. So if you are beginner, this article would learn how to change network name and passkey on JioFi devices.

What should you do?

First Step: Connect device, from which you want to get Internet connection access, to network via cable or wirelessly.

Second Step: Open the most comfortable for you browser and enter jiofi.local.html in its URL bar.

Third Step: Find and click button, which provides you to log in. Type “administrator” in both fields  this is default jiofi.local.html login and password.

Fourth Step: Here you should find and select “WiFi Settings” tab.

Fifth Step: In showed column you can rename your network and change password.

Sixth Step: After you done this, don’t forget to save all changes.

Well done! Your wireless network password is changed. All devices, which have been connected to this network already, will be disconnected, so you should connect them again.

For the last year we’ve seen huge changes in telecom industry sphere. Jio is brand, which is engaged in development 4G devices and other technologies relevant to it. As example, Jio has its own routers and 4G data packets. In the past, if you want use free services, you needed to buy LYF handset, but nowadays Reliance Digital launched JioFi  portable access point, which provides owners to use high quality Internet.

Text below would learn you how to rename your network and change password for JioFi devices. This instruction is intended for people, who don’t know a lot about IT technologies.

Way of changing jiofi.local.html login and password

1) Turn on your JioFi device. To do it, you should plug power cable in special port and press power button. Wait until it is ready to use.

2) Connect necessary device to router via cable or using wireless connection. If you bought new router, you should check default identification information on backside of router’s body or in documentation. If you know new identification information, you can use them to log in and get access to administrator panel.

3) Enter on administration panel, where you can configure necessary settings. To do it, just type jiofi.local.html in your browser’s URL bar.

4) Now you are on page, where you need enter information from second step in specified fields. Default jiofi.local.htm login and password should be “administrator” in both fields, so type them and press enter.

5) Set new configurations and then save changes. These actions can be done in Wi-Fi configurations tab, located in “Network”. Moreover, you can change not only network name and password, but to do it, better check other articles about configuration other options.