JioFi.Local.Html is a default router’s IP address, but it works only on JioFi routers. You should know it to enter in your home wireless device administration panel. Administration panel is page, where you can see different configurations of your wireless network and you can configure all of them. Reading this website, will make you smarter about jiofi.local.html, because there is all main information about it.

What you can do with Jiofi.local.html?

Entering JioFi router’s address provides you to get in administration panel, where you can do changes in configurations, related to security, quality of connection, available users, etc. For example, you can change JioFi.Local.Html login and password.

Nowadays, there are available two Jio access point devices. After appearance on shelves, wireless home devices market has reached next level. With these devices you can get access to 4G Internet not only, when you are at home.

Configuration of JioFi routers

Every new owner of these routers, faces with the same problems caused by lack of knowledge in setup routers. Text below will help every beginner to become person, who knows how to install router and solve all problems with connection.

What is jiofi.local.html?

Every home wireless router has own IP address, which can be used to get access to configuration page, so JioFi devices aren’t exception. The most popular IP address for wireless routers is, but JioFi uses jiofi.local.html. After you enter it in your web browser’s URL bar, there will be login window with fields, in which you need enter necessary information.

If you type identification information correctly, you will get access to administration panel. There will be a lot of different options, which you can configure manually or doesn’t change anything.

Way of configuration your JioFi wireless network

1. Launch your web browser and enter router’s address in URL bar. Better if you use browser like Chrome, Mozilla, Opera.

2. There will be Login button. Press it and then type default username and password (“administrator”) in both fields.

3. Then you should get in Settings, and here will be Wi-Fi Configurations, where you should change name of your network (SSID) if you want.

4. Get in Password configurations and change old password.

5. Finally, find “User Management” and rename your device.

If you have problems with doing steps above, maybe you should reset your router to factory defaults. Here is article, where you can find information how it can be done.

Connection JioFi access point to computer

Every JioFi device owner can get access to the Internet not only using wireless network. Moreover, you can connect share Internet connection to your personal computer using MicroSD card.

You don’t need to think about charging JioFio device, when it’s connected to your personal computer via microSD cable. Moreover, you can use wireless network connection and cable connection at the same time.

What you should do with your MicroSD Card?

  1. Firstly, it’s necessary to insert card in special MicroSD slot.
  2. Then you should activate your storage account and enter your login and password.
  3. Now, you have access to all your MicroSD files using current wireless network.
  4. Use this address to get on page with your files: jiofi.local.html/sdcard.html
  5. Here you need click on disk button to appear login window, where you need to type your credentials.
  6. Now, you have access to all files. Moreover, you are able to edit or delete these files.

Technical specifications of Jio 4G MiFi

  • 512MB/2GB RAM memory
  • Sizes 85x55x16mm
  • High quality voice calls
  • 2300 Mah accumulator
  • LTE
  • SIM, MicroSD, USB slots
  • Modern communication standards and 2.4 GHz operate frquency
  • 31 connected devices without speed losses

Default Username and Password: administrator

What we have as a result?

If you want become owner of wireless network, which provides people to use the best Internet connection, you should buy JioFi MiFi device, which provides you to use 4G. This article gave you a lot of knowledge about these devices and jiofi.local.html, so you can configure it manually, but if you have some problems with configuration of your JioFi device, you can share it using comments located below.